Sedation Dentistry at Ghenta Dental Group

Imagine undergoing a complex dental treatment like a root canal, extraction, or oral surgery. When your treatment is complete, you have no recollection of the time it took, the pain, the noise, or the discomfort you were expecting. We are pleased to offer our patients the option of comfortable, safe, and effective sedation dentistry. Patients who benefit from sedation dentistry have:

  • A fear or anxiety of being at the dentist
  • A hard time sitting still for long periods of time
  • A hard time getting (and staying) numb from anesthetics
  • A gag reflex

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry allows your doctor to provide a variety of dental treatments safely and comfortably for patients who experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. There are several benefits to sedation dentistry, including:

  • No memory of undergoing the procedure
  • No sense of time while under sedation
  • No sense of smell or sound
  • No fear or anxiety during treatment
  • Patients with complex cases where multiple procedures can be performed in a single visit

Patients who have undergone a procedure using sedation dentistry will tell you it is a simple, relaxing way to experience dentistry.

I am nervous about being unconscious. What levels of sedation are available to me?

There is no need to be nervous about having sedation dentistry at our practice. We provide differnt levels of sedation anywhere from Nitrous Gas to Deep IV Sedation which is administered by a board certified anesthesiologist for your safety and comfort.

  • Meet our Anesthesiologist - Dr. DiNicola
    Dr. Arturo DiNicola is a seasoned anesthesiologist with over 25 years experience in all types of anesthesia. He is a board certified anesthesiologist who received residency training at Tufts University and practiced for 20 years in Pennsylvania at the Pottsville Hospital and Warne Clinic, before moving to Massachusetts with his family in 2013. He then joined Anesthesia Professionals Inc and provides anesthesia at multi-specialty surgery centers, endoscopy centers and dental clinics in Southeastern Massachusetts.  Dr. DiNicola and his wife Maureen live on Cape Cod where they are raising their 5 children.

Please call our office for your complimentary sedation consult.

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